Define stress

Choose ONE of the following options to complete and post your response on the Discussion Board:

Option 1 – Define stress.  Identify and describe the three (3) main types of stressors.  Provide an example of each type of these stressors.  List the P.O.W.E.R. principles/steps in effectively managing stress.  In thinking about your own stressors, describe three (3) healthy coping strategies that you have employed in the past or that you could use in the future to help you effectively manage these stressors.

Option 2 – Research more about one of the following:  a specific STI, abuse of a particular drug, or alcoholism.  Indicate the URL address of the website you explored.  Discuss symptoms, treatments, and possible consequences of the topic you chose.  Cite statistics of occurrence amongst college students if indicated.  If occurrence is not indicated, specify such