cultural impact and political impact.

so this is reponse paper, required reading material is Twilight Los Angeles, 1992 by Anna Deavere Smith. The purpose of this paper is to critically engage subjective perspective. Since there are many different level of politicians points of this book, you need to explore these points and tell us who she/he is? You need to come up with cultural impact and political impact. The book is about the riot happened in LA in 1992. It combine the issue of racialization, policing abuse, government, law etc. You should discover yourself, how yourself represent in these context. What is your response? Inspire?
You should state some moments that you can react to it. It could come up with a larger scale such as structure or immigration. Do you have different idea of the riot? Also, remember to talk about media affect. How this book trying to shape the conversation between people.
You will have to write a description on the first, what is the book about?
And illustrate which part you will focus on. It is important to have your own perspective of the riot and uprising. In conclusion, you need to come up with a notion of HOPE and NATIONALISM. What you would like to see the world be? From Twilight, social change or justice. What lessons you take from the book?
The citations must come from the book.


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