Critical determinants of success

Topic: critical determinants of success
Paper instructions:
•Different CEOs / COOs have played various roles (active versus directive
versus delegated – passive) in trying to achieve organizational changes
within their companies, especially around the implementation of Total
Quality Management / Six Sigma programs; with various degrees of success.
Based upon your knowledge of leadership and value creation, your own
experiences in business and industry, as well as contemporary research on
this topic, what do you believe is the most effective way that an upper-
level manager can successfully implement any program / system / process
requiring significant organizational change? What are the three most
critical determinants of success? Defend your position with data / case
study examples.

Type size for the report should be between 10pt and 12pt and should be
consistent throughout the report – in text, figure captions, and table
titles. The line spacing of the text should be 1.5 lines with 1 inch top
and bottom margins. Every page is assigned a number, but numbers are not
printed on the title page.
Additional materials: not defined