Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice
There are police departments in the United States who will investigate an officer involved shooting involving one of their own officers. Other

departments, such as a city or sheriff department who have an officer involved shooting, will have the state police in their state investigate

an officer involved shooting. How would someone who believes in the ethical system of ethical formalism decide on if a department should

investigate one of their own, or hand off the investigation to another department? Whose duty should it be to investigate an officer involved

shooting? Some have called for the Department of Justice to form a review board in the federal government, where all officer involved shootings

would be reviewed and decided upon? If there are some in the U.S. who do not trust police departments to investigate their own, should they

respect these views or stand firm and state that they have high ethical standards and are able to investigate one of their own? Finally, if you

were a chief or sheriff, how would your officer involved shooting investigations be handled (by your department or by the state police)? See

upload file for my view.