Corporate Social Responsibility

1.  Do Corporations have a conscience?


Provide a conclusion to whether or not Corporations should be viewed as if they had a conscience?

My answer is, they do not have a conscience


What reasoning best supports your conclusion?

Pick at least one of the example parables/essays listed

to the left at the link for “Can a Corporation Have a Conscience” and incorporate its lessons/focus into

your discussion.

The parables are: The Ring of Gyges, The Insufficiency of Honesty,

The Parable of the Sadhu, and The Prince.

Please consider how the traditional ethical theories are either supported or challenged in the parable

or essay you have chosen to consider.

2 Corporate Social Responsibility


Our course materials this week look at the question of corporate social responsibility from many different angles.

All of the angles seem to struggle with several different – and potentially difficult – points of balance:


• profit versus purpose


Pick one of these conflicts and consider which account of how best to resolve the balance is most compelling to you, and explain why.

Make sure you adequately explain and cite the course material arguments you found most persuasive.  Is it true that there is any view that

would do away with the conflict between the two values altogether?  Give an alternate explanation of how one of the traditional ethical

theories would counsel that we balance the competing interests, having selected the ethical theory that you think would give the best


You might also give an actual example of this conflict to enrich our discussion.