Company knowledge Assessment Report Intel

Research challenge: Investigate the knowledge capabilities of your allocated company, describe their strengths and propose strategic (knowledge based) initiatives to improve their performance.
Your Collaborative Learning Network (CLN), is to act as a consulting organisation asked to improve the performance of the company through the improvement of how knowledge is developed and applied in the organisation. This assignment requires this group to write a 2500 word (+/- 10%) business proposal highlighting 3-5 recommendations for enhancing the knowledge initiatives currently in place by the organisation, explain how these recommendations will generate a return on investment and enhance business performance (including both tangible and intangible benefits). Although written in business report format, this intention of this exercise is to link theory to practice, so standard referencing is required in Harvard format to enhance the robustness and credibility of the proposal.

Your CLN team will complete the report on the company page in the wiki. Assess how the organization approaches knowledge management and what strategies they have for the creation, capture, transfer and reuse of knowledge to drive competitive advantage, innovation, improvement and sustainability. Students should note that the introduction brief provided is NOT in sufficient detail to complete this assignment to a professional standard. There is sufficient other information available through public sources to make beneficial recommendations.

Your assignment is to be prepared as a research based “Business Proposal” aimed at influencing business stakeholders to take specific actions based on your recommendations. The content of this research will also be used in Assignment 3 where the same CLN group will present their findings to the lecturer (acting as the CEO) and the rest of the class (role playing as the company’s board of management).

The final wiki content must be posted into TurnItIn no later than the assignment deadline. A cover page signed by all group members must be given to the lecturer on or before the due date.

Note: Executives read Executive Summaries to decide if they should read more. If interested, they will look at Recommendations and Conclusions (for more details on value-at-stake and ROI) and Introduction (for background). Proposals which have not impressed executives by scanning there sections don’t get read or funded. It is important to ensure your proposals are impressive throughout, but recommendations, conclusions and Executive Summary are critical!

Considerations for the report:
• Focus on the recommendations (the board know who they are, they do not need a long history of the organisation, expect where the details are directly relevant to the recommendations)
• Be clear about the order of the recommendations (all at once, some before others, timeframes and ROI)
• The extent to which the presentation reflects an innovative way of sharing knowledge for the organisation and the size/difficulty of the change
• Quality of the analysis for the client company, does it touch base on all potential areas. Is it focused on areas with biggest impact?
• Risk, limitations, timeframes and return on investment (approximate)
• Synergies between the recommendations – are the interdependent or independent initiatives? Order of application?
• Creativity, plausibility and appropriateness of the recommendations
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