Commodity Chain of Playstation 4

Select any everyday household object, product, service (e.g., clothing, food, furniture, automobile, etc.) and carefully describe/analyze

different spatial structures, social relationships, institutional arrangements involved in production, distribution, marketing, branding,

retailing of object, product, service, etc. •In doing so, following issues must be considered: –Where the commodity chain for the chosen

object/product/service started and where the chain ended (from initial production to final waste disposal). –What are the

human/environmental consequences/implications of supply chain, i.e., the constant geographical organization, movements, flux and flow of

the product cycle associated w/ chosen object/product/service? –Where appropriate, consider the social categories (gender, race, age,

nationality, etc.) and the ethical implications associated w/ consuming your product/object/service.•Moreover, in your analysis you

mustapply geographical themes/concepts/theories from assigned text, incl. globalization, commodity chains, value creation, uneven

development, poverty, inequality, etc. to illustrate your answer and to illuminate inherent geographical complexity of contemporary global

economic system.