Closing the Gap

Assessment item 1: – Essay Format







  1. Introduction and write a brief explanation of what “Closing the Gap” (CTG) policy is and the history and data that influenced the policy’s creation.










  1. then to discuss the significance of this policy on Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander People’s health outcomes using relevant literature and statistics.






3.then analyse ONE health issue addressed in the policy, Such as EAR INFECTION andevaluate the impact the CTG policy has had on Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people’s health since it’s the introduction.




4.Include any challenges and/ or barriers which may have affected the changes.





Essay guideline


  1. The discussion should be supported by relevant literature (peer reviewed) and health statistics.
  2. essay should have an introduction and a conclusion.
  3. NOT to use Wikipedia­ to support the discussion. Essays that do not just rely on the statistics presented in the Literature will attract higher marks.






What is a peered reviewed reference?

            Peerreviewed articles/ references have been evaluated/edited by several researchers or subject specialist in the academic community prior to accepting it for publication. Also known as scholarly or refereed. Verify that a journal is peer reviewed (refereed) by looking up the journal title in Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory

You must ONLY use edited or peered reviewed sources.