Classic English Literature…/139/Gathering_Blue_Novel-2.pdf

Copy and Paste pDf book above.

Choose any one topic below.

1. Flash forward to when Jo becomes the two syllable Joann and is roughly Kira’s age at the time of the story. Write the song she will create as a

gift for Kira. The lyrics to the song should be at least one page in length. You may choose to record the song if you’d like. The song should

indicate what has happened in the time since the novel ended. You must also explain your choices in an MLA formatted, typed essay.

2. Put Jamison on trial for what he has done. You may defend or prosecute his actions. Write your opening remarks at the trial. Your opening remarks

should be at least one typed page. This should be followed by a typed explanation of your choices, such as which crimes are mentioned and what

evidence you’ve decided to highlight.