Civil Litigation Unit 4 Discussion

By now you have chosen to include — or exclude — defendants by listing them in the complaint. In this Unit 4 you now work for the law firm representing the defendants charged in the complaint you drafted.

Interview of Defendants

Based on the knowledge gained in this unit, and reading Chapter 5 "Affirmative Defenses," answer the following questions on the Discussion Board. The instructor will then comment on your answers.

What affirmative defenses do you think are available to your client? (Provide a thorough discussion of each defense and why the defense applies in this case).
What facts would be important to help you prove each affirmative defense in your answer?
Which witnesses would you interview and what questions would you ask them?
Remember, as defense counsel your firm’s objective is to prevent the plaintiff (Mr. King) from proving his cause of action/claim(s).

I have attached the chapter 5 reading required for this assignment as well as the complaint form to be used for this assignment below.


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