Capstone Paper Writing


Capstone Paper Writing
After completing the two practice assignment worksheets, indicate the following regarding the

target for improvement you’ve identified in your current workplace: 1. What is the general outcome?

2. What is the process currently used to provide care to this type of patient? 3. What ideas do we 5
have for changing what is done? 4.How could we pilot an improvement idea? 5. Who should work

on the improvement? 6. What is the specific aim of the improvement? 7.How would we know if a

change is an improvement (list at least one specific measure)? 8. What are the clinical, functional,
satisfaction, and cost values to patients within the population most closely associated with the

target for improvement you’ve identified (depending on your target for improvement, you may not

have all of these four values. but try to list at least one for each area)?