Business Studies

This is a case study!
Please read the following carefully!
You must tell me what you think is important in the case, in terms of why it is like it is, and how well the firm is doing in relation to the

main themes in the case.

You must use theory to do this.
You should not merely tell us that the strategy consists of selling goods in lots of markets, that the firm tries hard to please customers, and

so on.

You need to use the language and theory of strategy.

So, you might describe the strategy in a structured way, perhaps using theories like Porter’s Generic Strategies, Ansoff’s Matrix and The BCG


You might comment on the international aspects of its strategy via Bartlett and Ghoshal’s Four Strategic Approaches, and the Segal-Horn and

Faulkner Integration Responsiveness Grid
Then you need to explain about the reasons for this – perhaps by referring to the Industry Life Cycle, the Drivers for Globalisation, and so on.
There are two summary lecture slides give some details about relevant theories in which week. And there is a revision notes slides. (Important)

Very important!
 About Zara’s Strategy, can you describe it? Can you do it in the language of international strategy?
 Which theories would you use to help you to describe it?
 How can you tell if the strategy is successful?
 Are there numbers can use? What theory might help?
 Given what is going on in the external environment, is the chosen strategy sensible? How do you know?

 Second, how well has the firm implemented the strategy? (think strategy – structure – systems – processes – culture)

 Within the case, there are several major themes.
 We have already looked at International strategy, and then are the other major themes within the case?
 One theme is regarding the issues Zara has about logistics – servicing its growing international business from one warehouse in Spain
 How would you describe their issues with this problem in the case? Is it time that they opened one or more, or do you think that they

can still make their existing model work?
 How? Why?
 What theory or theories could you use to describe it?
 Make sure you work on building an understanding of the Case Study.
 What are the main themes?
 Work out what you should put together as an answer – the relevant theory, the facts from the case, any examples you might want to give,


Reading books:
Johnson, Whittington and Scholes “Exploring Strategy” 9th Ed
Janet Morrison: International Business Environment