Business Administration – Managing and Leading Strategic Change.

1) Please refer to page 4 and 5 of study guide attached and read up on the essential reading(Balogun, al. (2004). Exploring Strategic Change. Pearson. ISBN: 9780273708025) and additional recommended reading list and draw references from them.

2) Please refer to attached assignment questions and guidelines and read through thoroughly for this paper.
To prepare a 3000 word Briefing Document.
This paper has 3 sections to fulfill as shown on page 4 of assignment questions and guidelines.
Section 1 – Approximately 1050 words
Section 2 – Approximately 1350 words
Section 3 – Approximately 600 words

Please also refer to page 6 of Assignment question and guidelines for the assignment marking criteria. Please adhere to it strictly and ideally score for for 70% and above.


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