BUS4015, Unit 6 Assignment 2, GRAND STRATEGY MATRIX


BUS4015, Unit 6 Assignment 2, GRAND STRATEGY MATRIX
You will then see the active courses outlined in big blue bold letters:

BUS4014 – Operations Mgmt for Competitive Advantage
BUS4015 – Strategic Plng & Implement
BUS4016 – Global Business Relationships

You will click on the subjects to access the Unit Assignments. It is there you will find all the information, links, and instructions. Each week is a new

unit. For example, you will click on “Unit 2” for these weeks assignments.

If you scroll down on the left-side you will see “Course Tools” to complete the assignment, including a link directly to the VitalShelf Bookstore/Library.

You can access the course books through that option.

Lastly, if you back the beginning where the courses are outlined in big blue bold letters – at the top of the page – you can access the library and other




[u06a2] Unit 06 Assignment 2


Grand Strategy Matrix Scoring Guide (see attached) – Use it’s headings to write the paper (left corner, bold black letters).

You will continue with COWI as the company (see all attached files for COWI) and use the internet, if you cant find the material in the courseroom.

Based on the information you submitted for the Unit 5 Developing Alternative Strategies assignment, and assess whether you are in a weak or strong

competitive position.
Also, determine if the market growth is rapid or slow.

Compare your strategies to the quadrant strategies and write a half-page summary on the differences and changes you identify.

Make recommendations in your summary based on your observations. Submit your summary as an attachment in the assignment area.