Brooklyn, NY lack of programs for juvenile

Working individually and with your instructor, you will identify, research, and analyze a social service need in your community as the foundation

for developing a human services program proposal that will include an intervention or set of interventions aimed at solving a problem from the

perspective of the consumer. Your topic and recommendations will depend on your area of study. For example, for students on a general track in this

degree program, your problem might center on the mental health of veterans or barriers to receiving adequate healthcare for elderly populations. If

you have a concentration in child and family welfare, then your selected problem must focus on needs and issues surrounding children, adolescents,

and/or teens and their families. For example, you might focus on childhood nutrition or domestic violence.
Generally speaking, you will conduct a needs assessment of your community, which will inform the creation of a human services related program

proposal that attempts to address the identified need or problem. This proposal will also include the development of appropriate tools and support

materials that would be used to implement the program and measure outcomes.