Brand Experience Map and Touch Point

Brand Experience Map and Touch Point
1. The audience brand experience map.

Plot the audience journey that the brand provides. What truths can the brand journey reveal? What frontiers does the journey explore? What’s the spirit? What’s the tone?

a) What is holding our customers back?
b) Whare the customers want and what we can do to help them?
c) How can our brand advance customers beyond the reach of competitors?
d) How can we create customers that add value back to the brand.

Identify special touch-points where potential customers can engage with the brand and build an emotional connection or through sensory stimuli. Consider multimedia platforms incorporating the use of time and space such as graphic displays and video projection, pop-up installations, virtual or physical window displays etc.

2. Touch point detail:

The touch point is the store. Explain how the potential customers will engage and connect emotionally and physically with the brand through the store.

It should address:
a) definition of touch point type and channel
b) possition on the audience experience map ( pre, during or post-purchase)
c) multiple sensory elements
d) types of user interaction or engagement
e) emotional branding and demonstration of empathy with customers