Book review for Microeconomics

Book Review Project – “The New New Thing: A Silicon Valley Story”

read “the new new thing: a Silicon Valley story” and provide a professional analysis and review.

**Please note this is a book review, not a traditional book report. Please use this criteria and links provided on Blackboard to assist you.

Format: Your review should be approximately 1000 words. Please double space with one inch margins with an easy-to-read font. Please use the Turn-It-In link provided to submit your paper.

Links are provided in Blackboard on how to write a review of a Business book. Please refer to these and use the internet to look for additional assistance.

Some questions you may choose to answer in your review are:

What is the theme (underlying main idea)?

Did the book enhance your understanding of the subject?

Do you recommend the book to others?

Who would benefit from reading this book?

Was the writing persuasive?

What is the tone, perspective of the writer?

How does the writer’s experience, political views, etc show in the writing?

How is the book relevant to its field?

What is the author’s background?

Tips: Keep summary to a minimum, use excerpts and quotes effectively (do not overuse!), and back up any negative statements you make about the writing.

Your project will be graded on:

✓ Clear writing
✓ Demonstration of clear understanding of subject, thorough reading of the book – I can tell if you have read the book – I’ve read them!!
✓ Exploration of questions and ideas with follow through of statements and points of view
✓ Grammar and Punctuation (please proofread! Have a friend proof, or use the Academic Center – it’s part of your CCC tuition!)
✓ Is it enjoyable to read, does it hold the reader’s interest? (important)
Up to 100 Points Total