Biodiversity in Afghanistan

Topic: Biodiversity in Afghanistan
Paper instructions:
Your paper should follow APA format. The title page, abstract, and list of references do not count towards the total page count.
Your supporting sources may only include primary literature (i.e., scientific journals) and citations must follow APA format. Excelsior College Library provides access to various journals covering issues in biodiversity.

The area I would like to write about for my term paper is Biodiversity in Afghanistan. The reason that I would like to examine this area is because I am here to visually see the scale of the problem and assist the organizations that provide solutions to tackle the problem. The evidence of environmental changes due to war and overuse of land for agricultural means are visually present in my surrounding outside my Camp. Daily living by the Afghans has made me more appreciative of my environment. My term paper will also reference how sanctions and the presence of our government have contributed to biodiversity here. I also want to address the diminishing number of species. My proposed title will be “Biodiversity in Afghanistan”.