Anxiety disorder adults or childrens

Purpose: To prove that some socio-cultural problem exists, and then to argue what the causes, consequences, and solutions might be. You all

have your topics.
Paper Outline (I’ve listed below the different parts of the paper to help you organize it)
1) Introduction: In the introduction, tell the reader why the issue you have chosen to write about an important one. You could use some facts

to shock the reader’s conscience so that he or she might continue reading. At the end of the introduction, you should tell the reader what

your thesis is: Your thesis should not be a set of factual claims, but should tell the reader what you will argue.
For example, the following is not a thesis: I will show that the cost of public, higher education in California has increased by 250% since

2000. Why? Because the latter is a factual statement that we can check.
On the other hand, here’s a workable thesis: As the cost of public higher education in California continue to rise, more and more and poor

students choose not to go to college, drop out, or go to unaccredited online schools that burden them with excessive debt. There are three

reasons why the cost of education continues to rise: A, B, and C.
2) Facts About the Problem: In this section, you should tell the reader what the facts are regarding the issue you are writing about. Please

feel free to use credible date but make sure to cite your sources.
3) Consequences: A problem becomes a problem because of the consequences. For this paper, please give evidence for TWO consequences and cite

sources. Also, show why the arguments of those who disagree with you are flawed or not based on evidence.
4) Causes of the problem: Give THREE causes of the problem, and make sure to connect the causes to the problem.
5) Solutions: Provide solutions that are workable. Avoid cliches that seem obvious.