Afghanistan's Cancer


Emphasis will be on the effective analysis of detailed issues
surrounding main
themes discussed during the course. Students will be judged by how effectively they support their thesis argument. At the graduate level, proper formatting of academic work and citing of sources is critical.
Your success will be based primarily upon your ability to effectively support your paper’s thesis argument and provide your own analysis. Choose one of the following topics
Opium Can be described as “a cancer” in Afghanistan. Explain the effects that the worldwide demand for this illicit drug has upon the economy, culture, government and stability of Afghanistan.

Length:10-12 pages of text (not including cover or references page, bibliography or graphs/maps).
Utilize “outside” sources in addition to assigned course materials. Outside sources may include books, journal articles, newspaper articles, periodicals and monographs. Be certain that you properly cite your sources in accordance with the APA or Chicago s
tyle rules. As a rule you should have one source per page of text and cite your sources 2-3 timesper page on average. Therefore, this paper should have approximately 10 sources and 20-30 citations in total.
Note:While using on-linesources, strive to access information from sites that have credibility and are accountable for their content. These include the official websites of government, academic and mainstream media organizations. Popular information sites such as are not acceptable for academic work, chiefly because they lack credibility as there is no single author responsible for the work.