For one of the numbered assignments listed below or otherwise approved in advance by your instructor, and guided by the rubric shown here, research,

write and post through Turnitin™, a 10-12 page (including cover page & references) double-spaced research paper in APA format. Identify current issues,

regulations and practices & address related legal considerations on your chosen topic, using proper legal terminology throughout. You must cite at

least 5 references, one of which can be our textbook, if applicable. If you propose an alternative topic for approval by your instructor, your outline

must show that your approach will relate that topic to at least 4 of the course Learning Outcomes listed in the Course Syllabus and that it will

require the same level of inquiry and legal analysis as these.

1. Select a specific civil airport located anywhere in the world and serving commercial airlines, then:
a. Describe briefly the airport and its owner/operator, airlines serving the airport, and the city, cities or region served by the airport.
b. Identify the governmental agency or authority or private enterprise responsible for providing security screening of passengers and cargo at the

c. Identify government legal actions taken there to:
i. protect the surrounding airspace from obstruction by obstacles,
ii. assure that land uses surrounding the airport are compatible with aircraft noise,
iii. establish runway use preferences, approach & departure paths to minimize aircraft noise impact on surrounding communities.
d. Identify the specific government agency or authority that took each such action.
e. Identify the source and type of government legal powers relied on to accomplish each of these actions.
f. Include images illustrating the airport and vicinity relating to those specific actions.
g. Identify and briefly describe all airline accidents that have occurred at or in the vicinity of that airport since 1/01/2000, including the probable

cause of each.
h. Identify current airport noise & safety issues that remain of concern to the community and any current activity to address those issues.
i. Analyze whether the airport’s level of activity and forecast air traffic demand appear sustainable at the present location for the long term,

clearly explaining your reasoning.

This is the abstract that you have already written for me. I would like to keep the same writer.
San Francisco Airport
San Francisco International Airport is an internationally recognized airport located 21 kilometers south of San Francisco, California, USA. It has

flights to Asia, Europe, and North America. The county and city of San Francisco, in San Mateo County, owns and polices the airport. From 1999 – 2004,

the San Francisco Airport Commission contracted city-owned SFO Enterprises Inc., to manage the business purchases as well as venture operations. San

Francisco is the operations base for Virgin America, with services to more than 20 destinations. As an affiliate of the Registered Traveller program

between 2007 and 2009, San Francisco airport allowed passengers that had registered for pre-screening to go past security checkpoints quickly.

Transportation Security Administration contractor- Covenant Aviation Security operates screening of baggage and passengers. The airport has engineered

materials arrestor system (EMAS) on runways 1R-19L and 1L-19R. San Francisco airport was among the pioneer airports that implemented the Fly Quiet

Program, which ranks airlines on performance over procedures of noise abatement when flying out of and in to San Francisco. The Aircraft Noise

Abatement Office launched the program as a way of encouraging airlines to operate quietly at San Francisco. San Francisco airport was among the first

airports in the US to undertake a residential sound abatement retrofitting program. Established by the FAA, the program assessed the cost efficiency of

decreasing levels of interior sound for homes bordering the airport, in the 65 CNEL noise contour. The airport has witnessed 4 accidents in 2007, 2008,

2013, and 2017.