Advanced Microeconomics of Banking

Midterm Task-critical reading of a scientific paper
1. How to Read a Scientific Research Paper?
Reading a scientific paper is completely different from reading an article
about science in a blog or newspaper. You have to take notes, read it
multiple times, and probably go look up other papers for some of the
details. Most primary research papers will be divided into the following
sections: Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results, and
The requested work is not a mere summary of the underlying paper. This
work is destined to assess the student’s capacity to understand a scientific
paper and to transmit clearly his understanding.
2. Requested work
⇒ Precisely define the underlying issue of the paper. Which is its
relevance (theoretical or empirical or both?). Summarize the
background in few sentences. You need to be able to explain why
this research has been done.
⇒ Precisely explain how the paper is carried out. So you have to
explain the method used by the author(s).
In this context, the mathematical proofs have to be explained. This
is important to assess if you understood the paper. So you have to
redo the calculations while you read the paper!
⇒ Clearly synthesize the results of the paper (propositions and
⇒ What are the implications of the paper?
Put down your work on a file (about 3 pages). Send it by email in an
attached form precisely indicating your identity and the purpose of the
mail (in the email and in the written paper).
Date of delivery: latest date 7th of January 2018