Advance Care Planning and End of Life Care in Elderly Patients

Assignment : Ethical Issue Scholarly Paper
Purpose of Assignment
1. To present a balanced view of an ethical issue; to clearly articulate both sides of an ethical issue;
2. To identify an ethical framework, model, theory, or set of principles and describe its application to an ethical issue.
Assignment Guidelines
• Choose an ethical issue in health care and/or nursing. State why this issue is of importance to society.
• Clearly state your evidence-based position as a nurse on this issue. Identify the values (personal, professional, and/or institutional) underpinning your position.
• Clearly state at least one other position (or “side”) to this issue. This position also needs to be grounded in the evidence. Speculate as to the values (personal, professional, and/or institutional) underpinning this opposing position.
• Include a discussion describing the use of an ethical framework, model, theory, or the ethical principles to support your position on this issue.
• Conclude with a brief summary as to why you believe your position is the best position on this issue.
• Paper should be eight pages in length, excluding the title page and references list.
Content of Paper (70%)
• Each element of the assignment guidelines is addressed.
• Paper integrates material from the textbook, course references and/or other scholarly sources including at least six peer-reviewed journals.
• Critical inquiry, analysis, and synthesis are evident.
Scholarly Format of Paper (30%)
• The paper:
• is clearly written;
• is within page limit;
• contains accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
• adheres to APA (6th edition) format.