ACA Insurance

William owns a small business that sells eponymous novelties. He has nine employees and has always made it a priority to offer competitive

benefits, including health insurance. unfortunately, last year one of his employees was diagnosed with cancer, which he continues to fight. Due

to the sharp increase in use of health services by his employee group, the insurance company doubled his group premiums for the upcoming year.

When William contacted other carriers, several of them would not consider insuring his group, and most of the others gave him quotes as

expensive as his current carrier. one company gave him a lower quote, but it covered only catastrophic care; his employees would have to pay for

the first $5,000 of care out of their own pockets. After reviewing his company’s finances, William is left with several unattractive options:

stop offering health insurance; offer comprehensive health insurance but pass on the cost increase to his employees, which would make it

unaffordable for most of them; offer the bare-bones catastrophic plan only; or significantly lower wages and other benefits to defray the rising

health insurance costs.

Providing Powerpoints of the chapters we are reading. Please be sure it is a full 3 pages and 2 3/4
Discuss each of the options that William has presented. Comment on the pros and cons of each one with regard to its impact on the organization

and staff. How will it impact his ability to attract and retain staff? Which options would put him in a non-compliance status of the ACA

provisions? Provide an alternate suggestion based on your understanding of the ACA and its requirements that would allow William to offer

coverage to his staff.