A Qualitative Study Exploring the Fit Between Ability as Resources and Innovation Strategy

Please review the attached Chapter 2 and address all the comments and complete missing sections if any. please note that all references are to be from scholarly articles and peer reviewed journals. Additionally, the required articles should be written within the past five years and I need access to the resources as by school policy I must retain a copy of the referenced articles for 7 years. Using older sources may result in declining the finished order. For your convenience, I am attaching the requirements for this Chapter of the dissertation, and another document titled NCU_Template_PhD_Degree_DP_DM_2016, this document has the guidelines to write each of the chapters although we will be completing and fixing Chapter 2 only at this time. Besides the comments, I will pay for 2 pages total right now, but if the writer believes he needs extra pages, please let me know immediately, note that some sections you can’t exceed the amount of words in the section, so please follow strictly the instruction in the requirements included in the PhD Dissertation Paper Template, and the Chapter 2 Requirements document also attached. I will also include what I have for Chapters 1 and 3 since there is information of this chapter that must be aligned to those chapters later. Please use track changes to enhance the review process. Thanks,P(5.m)

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