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Book: Statistics, Data Analysis and Decision Modeling. Fifth edition. James R Evens.

6 Essays, At least 200 words each, Each must have its own references. Thank you.

Essay 2
What is data? What is sampling? Explain the importance of sampling from a managerial perspective. Provide examples.

Essay 3
What is hypothesis testing? Explain the general process and the steps included in conducting a hypothesis test? What is the difference between parametric and nonparametric hypothesis testing?

Essay 4
What are some reasons that business outputs vary? For example why does production output vary? Explain the difference between common causes of variation and special causes of variation.

Essay 5
What is a decision model? Why is it important to business? What are the three types of inputs common to decision models?

Essay 6
Provide some examples of waiting lines in everyday life. What decisions must managers of such systems consider?

Essay 7
Explain the following terms: optimization, objective function, optimal solution, constraint, constraint function, feasible solution, and binding constraint.

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