Old Testament Essay

You will write a 1500–1800-word reflection on one of the three following ethical issues related to the study of the Old Testament.

1) How would you respond to the claim that the Old Testament is misogynistic and demeaning to women?
2) How would you have responded biblically to southern slave-holders who used the Old Testament to justify their practice of slavery?
3) How would you respond to the claim that the Old Testament is not inspired Scripture because it includes commands from God for the Israelites to destroy the Canaanites?

The paper must follow current Turabian guidelines and include analysis of key issues and passages related to the topic you select for your paper. It must be well-researched and carefully argued. A minimum of 6 scholarly sources must be used when writing this paper. Biblical evidence and explanation of key biblical texts is essential. Avoid diatribes against those you might disagree with. Sources that are cited, referenced, and/or quoted must be footnoted, and the paper must be the student’s original work. In light of the length of this paper, avoid lengthy quotations and make sure that the paper stays on-topic. Use headings to mark off the major sections of your paper. A bibliography of sources used must be included.

How islam is portrayed in the news

I have to analyze a scholarly article along the following criteria:
1: what the articles about? what is the author/ what are the authors trying to answer? My article is about how the news specifically CNN and Aljazeera portray Muslims.

2:Methodolgy- What method(s) did the author use and how was that justified?

3: Findings- what were the article main findings?
4:Analysis- How did this article contribute to the body of knowledge?

Does God Really Care About My Shoes?


I’m looking for an article that will examine the traditional orthodox jewish (torah) perspectives on why we do mitzvoth (commandments). As a title I’ve chosen to focus on the Halacha (law) that prescribes the order in which we are to put on our shoes in the morning as an example of a commandment that is hard to imagine God caring about. Does God truly care? Why would our actions, even our mundane actions, make a difference to him?
There are various approaches to dealing with this question, from hassidic/mystical sources to rational/philosophical, and I’d like to survey a few of them. I’m looking for something that is both super-intelligent yet also humorous and entertaining at the same time.

If you find someone who can do a great job at this I will have a whole bunch of articles for them to write 😉

Judaism, Islam, and Christianity worship the same god?


You MUST MUST MUST read the book and cite it. It is very important. The textbook must be your primary source!!!! You can have more sources but the textbook will be the most important one. You must provide ample textual support for your position or interpretation. When you cite the book from class, you may use just the author and page number. Any other source will require a full parenthetical MLA citation.
Write a 5 page essay responding to the following question “Judaism, Islam, and Christianity all claim to worship the same god. Given what these religions say about God, does this statement really make sense?” To answer the question, you will have to describe the god that is worshipped by more than one religion, and compare them. Here are the 10 steps you need to follow to write the paper. Do not exclude any of the steps.
2.Clearly describe the Jewish idea of God (chapter 3). YOU MUST GET THIS INFORMATION FROM THE BOOK.
3.Describe the christian idea of God (chapter 4). YOU MUST GET THIS INFORMATION FROM THE BOOK.
4.Describe the Muslim idea of God. 4. (chapter 5). YOU MUST GET THIS INFORMATION FROM THE BOOK.
5.Provide clear description of commonalities among religions. what do they share/ have in common? Compare their definition of God.
6.Clearly identify your position (this is your thesis) do they really worship the same God?
7.Provide coherent arguments supporting your thesis
8.support your arguments with relevant textual support (citations) and provide clear explanation of textual evidence
10.Works cited page
*IMPORTANT* If the textbook is not your primary source, the paper will be wrong. Please go to www.chegg.com username: acobos90@hotmail.com password: Ale10841 and find the “World religions today” book.
(My opinion is that The 3 religions do follow the same God, they just have different ways to worship him. different cultures. different traditions. With the pass of the time the scriptures have been changing, but the God is the same. They also have in common most of the prophets)

The Letters Of St. Paul

The Letters of St. Paul
This is a general introduction to the Pauline corpus, with a detailed study of Romans and Ephesians.
The student will ensure that the following are covered:
(a) The structure and outline of each letter
(b) The function of the letters
(c) Theological and pastoral issues addressed in the letters
(d) Detailed study of Romans
(e) Detailed study of Ephesians

Two short papers of Fifteen pages each maximum will be presented on Paul’s teaching on:
(a) the Holy Spirit
(b) the Church
Be certain that your paper contains in addition:
(a)Cover Sheet
(b) Table of Contents
(c) Critical Reflection an Learning
(d) Use and application of teachings including Learning Outcomes:(a) As a student
(b) Church


Sikh Religion final Paper

choose one out of the four questions
1. Evaluate the main causes of overseas migration of the Sikhs from Punjab from the second half of the 19th century up to the present period.
[For the answer you will need to focus on the changing socio-economic environment of the Punjab during this period and how this may impact upon migration. Also how the socio- economic environment changed in the post-WW2 period, both in Europe and North America. The period can be sub-divided into two parts: the British period upto 1947 and post independent period after 1947 to the present. The British period would include impacts of British rule]
2. Sikh migration to the Pacific coast (both USA and Canada) began at the turn of the twentieth century but almost came to a halt within two decades. What were the responses of both local people and government agencies to this new immigration? How did the Sikhs respond – both to their situation in North America and to the perceived situation in their homeland, the Punjab?
[For the answer you will need to say something about the prevailing socio-economic environment, immigration flows, socio-economic activities of Sikhs and inter-ethnic relations, responses of government agencies and also the radical (organizational) response by Sikhs especially about the perceived situation in Punjab]
3. Sikhs as a global community engage in both transnational practices as well as maintaining strong linkages with their homeland (Punjab). Focusing specifically on their homeland links, identify the different types of linkages and evaluate their impacts.
[For the answer you need to briefly discuss Sikhs as an example of a networked global community and then focus specifically on the nature of linkages they maintain with their homeland of Punjab. Emphasis needs to be on homeland links. To obtain a high grade you need to evaluate the kinds of impacts these linkages have on Sikhs both in the homeland and in the diaspora]
4. In the post 9/11 period Sikhs have continued to face problems associated with ‘mistaken identity’. How have Sikhs mobilized in the USA to raise greater awareness about their religious identity and contribution to US society and economy?
[To answer this question you need to explain the issue of ‘mistaken identity’ and its consequences for Sikhs in the aftermath of 9/11 and the subsequent rise of civil rights advocacy among US Sikhs and evaluate its effectiveness.]
General Assessment Criteria to be used in Grading Papers:
Does it have a clear, easy to follow overall structure – an introduction, main body and conclusion? Are arguments developed logically? Are conclusions correctly drawn?
Does the paper provide a context or statement of the problem in the introduction? Is there evidence of relevant and adequate background research? Does it have well explained/elaborated arguments?
3. application
Are arguments well supported by examples or data/diagrams? Are arguments convincing? Are the aims/objectives met?
Is the paper well written, presented and organized and free from grammar/spelling errors? Is it coherent, flowing and well-structured? Is the referencing style adequate and consistently applied?

religion in america

The integrated paper for week 8 is designed to be a thoughtful, reflective work. It will be your premier writing assignment focused on the integration and assessment relating to the course concepts.

You are expected to pick a theme/topic from our reading for this paper. You may do further research, but it is not required. You may use your texts as the primary and only source(s).

I want this paper to be fun & stretch your mind a bit more to relate the concepts you decide. Please do not make this paper difficult.

Here are a few ideas for the final paper/topic proposal. These are only ideas.

Compare the Methodist tradition to the Baptist tradition – what are the similarities? What are the differences?

With the end of the Civil War and the abolishment of slavery the African Americans had more religious freedom. What effects did the civil War have on the African American communities and their religion?

The African Methodist Episcopal Church how did it arise?

America’s vision of a religious community.
I want this paper to be fun & stretch your mind a bit more to relate the concepts you decide. Please do not make this paper difficult.
Paper is to be a full 1-3 pages in length & in complete APA/MLA format. For formatting guidance please check out our library or OWL Purdue online.

Biblical materials in the quran

Your paper must have a minimum of ten verifiable hard-copy references. You must use a common method of citation throughout, following a system outlined in our library resources information cen- ter. If you do augment your references by the use of online sources, they must be reliable and properly cited, but do note that such are in ADDITION to the ten hard-copy references. Under no circumstances will I allow a larger quantity of online links as primary sources. I will include a copy of my research proposal and some hints provided by the professor. Please do not plagiarise!

Why the Church?

questions to the best of your ability.
Summarize what the book is about.
What is the Author’s main point or points throughout the book?
What about the text resonates and what does not?
What does the title promise the book will cover or argue?
What is the purpose of the book?
Who’s the intended audience of this book?
How well does the book fulfill the promises the author makes in the preface and introduction?
How effective is the book’s methodology?
How effectively does the book make its arguments?
How persuasive is the evidence?
What are the book’s strengths and weaknesses?
How clearly is the book written?
Would you recommend this book to other students in the ministry, why or why not?