Current Internet Services and Applications

People should be wary of becoming too attached to Internet functionality or particular applications since these are continually being refined in response to Web trends. (Think of how frequently iTunes upgrades, for example.) In this assignment, you will look at current Internet services and applications and try to forecast how trends may affect them in the years to come. Please respond to all of the following prompts:
In your opinion, what are the two most useful Internet services? Explain.
In your opinion, what are the two most useful Web applications? Explain.
Select two Web 2.0, 3.0, or Internet2 trends to compare. How has each changed typical Internet usage? Which do you think will have more staying power and why?

Future Technology Trends.

Like many executives, your boss is too busy to shift through all the articles describing current technology trends and predictions for the future. She has assigned the task to you. She asks you to search for articles about future technology trends and write a summary of two of the best articles you found. Your task: Write an article summary in INFORMAL MEMO PROPOSAL to (given name) that addresses two articles on future technology trends. include an introduction, such as you requested, I am submitting two articles summaries…Identify the author, article title, journal or website name, and date of publication for each article. Explain the purpose of each article and summarize three or four of its most important findings. Include an appropriate subject line and add meaningful heads. Your boss would also like a concluding statement indicating your overall reaction to the articles.


Convergence, harmonization or whatever the FASB/IFRS merger is currently referred to is now on hold in the U.S. The integration was to have been completed in 2015, and now, as the SEC states, it will not happen in the foreseeable future. What are some the significant differences that has resulted in this current state of affairs? In the long run do you feel these differences can be worked out?

Evolution of Corporate Governance

a. Explain the evolution of corporate governance. What problems developed? What are the current trends? b. What are the major criticisms of boards of directors? Which single criticism do you find to be the most important? Why?