Reflective Journal on Compassion Fatigue

1-2 PAGES, APA format

How do compassion and empathy differ?
on a scale of 1-10, 10 being most compassionate,how do you rate your ability to compassionately care for your patients and family?
Describe how your current state or behaviours reflects compassion fatigue and/or burnout.
Describe two strategies to avoid compassion fatigue or burnout and how you will incorporate them into your daily self-care practices.

Murphy, B. (2014). Ecompassion fatigue and/or burnoutloring holistic foundations for allevating and understanding compassion fatigue.


Pleneurethics is the philosophy developed by Richard Bangs Collier, based on work he did from the 1960s through to the 1980s. Mr. Collier coined the term ‘pleneurethics’ from the composite of three words:

Plenary, or completely competent and with total authority

Neural, relating to the nervous system and the brain

Ethics, having to do with responsible behavior and constructive conduct

The goal of Pleneurethics is to improve the quality of lives through better management of neurological resources so as to create and sustain neurological sufficiency. Pleneurethics espouses a balanced view of the whole person through an understanding of the physical, chemical, mental, and cultural environments of the brain. The way the brain is affected by these environments and responds to them determines one’s health, character, and ability to make responsible choices.

The Internal Persuasive Proposal

The Internal Persuasive Proposal

Instructions: Compose an internal persuasive proposal for solving a problem that stifles productivity on the job OR a problem in college that inhibits learning or safety. Choose a problem where the resolution depends on common sense, observation, and moderate research.


Persuasive Electronic Mail [email]

Persuasive Electronic Mail [email] 

Instructions:  This is an exercise in formatting, and writing a persuasive email. You must use the correct format,  spacing, the placement of Toulmin elements, and the proper tone.

• Identify a dangerous or inconvenient area or situation on campus or in your workplace. Write a justification email to your boss or dean describing the problem, making recommendations for improvement, and encouraging immediate action. Your email should include at least 3 elements of Toulmin [claim, support, warrants]. It should be at least 200 words. Compose your email in a separate word doc., or rich.txt file, name your file <Completed-Email-Last Name> then submits as an attachment.
Requirements: Your document should include the following sections. In effect, it should look like a typical email you might create at work or in your ISP environment. 

Message Body
Signature Block

Personality Theory Blog

Imagine that you have been asked to write a research-based blog post for a human resource management website.
Write a 700- to 1,050-word blog that includes the following:
Discuss one of the major personality theories and how this theory is used to conduct assessment.
Discuss what stood out to you about personality assessment practices.
Reflect on current research trends that utilize this information and how the interpretation of these findings may vary across cultures.
Create three insightful questions based on the readings that your audience may also be wondering, and provide responses from the research you have reviewed in relation to this topic.

Include at least THREE PEER-REVIEWED sources in the blog post.
Format the citations in your blog post consistent with APA guidelines

Creative Writing as Rhetoric

Final: Creative Writing as Rhetoric
For your final major grade assignment, you’ll be writing a scene from either an original short story or personal narrative that demonstrates two or more perspectives (positive and negative) on one or more ideas you’ve encountered in Sophie’s World.
Again, your final draft should be comprised of only one scene or “a sequence of continuous action.” It should demonstrate a complete action cycle (exposition, rising action, climax, and resolution) but doesn’t have to be (shouldn’t be) an entire story. It should be more like a miniature story; you’re not trying to squeeze a novel, a five act play, or a feature length film into six to ten pages. You want to describe a tense or difficult situation and work your characters through it. Use very few adjectives and adverbs. Use figurative language: colorful verbs, metaphors, similes, personification, etc. Use dialogue. Let different characters represent different perspectives or points of view.

Sophie’s world is a book we have been reading this is not necessarily about Sophie’s World but an idea you have encountered from Sophie’s world. This is not technically an essay it is more of a story. Please provide me with some guidance on a topic before you dart the paper.

In the paper we are not citing or quoting from Sophie’s World.This paper does not need any sources.


Imagine you are an established film scholar at a large university, who has been contacted by the Encyclopaedia Britannica editors to write about the Film Noir genre for a scheduled update of their online edition. Your specific assignment is to develop a 4-5 pp., double-spaced encyclopedia entry on Film Noir (Thoughtful titles, font size no larger than #12, uniform 1” margins around all four sides of the page please), detailing the genre’s origins, variation, scope, and evolution. This is an intentionally 7 difficult assignment, and you lack the space of a typical 8-10pp thesis-based research paper to waffle aimlessly for seven pages before you finally determine what you want to say. You need to make every word count while at the same time being as comprehensive as you can. The best entries will be concise and specific while also providing a clear explanation of the overall features of Film Noir. What overarching observations, points, and critique(s) do you want to make about the genre, school, style, or filmic cycle known as Film Noir? How might these be exemplified by particular movies we have seen? What else do you want to include in your encyclopedia entry?


Lessons / Critique –30pts. (Taskstream Document)

The lesson should be original and creative it must be a routine (set steps, counts, beats, etc.) that you develop (no YouTube or mainstream dances). You must teach your lesson in front of a live group of people, friends, relatives, students, etc..and create a lesson plan using the lesson plan format. You must be able to provide your own music for the lesson- you must video type the lesson and upload to you tube/sent through mail/or placed in my mailbox
You must incorporate Florida’s Sunshine State Standards (SSS)(FEAPS)(NASPE) standards in your lesson plan
Successfully sequence lessons and concepts to ensure coherence and required prior knowledge.
You must successfully design instruction for students to achieve mastery
Organize, allocate, and manage the resources of time, space, and attention
Successfully manages individual and class behaviors through a well-planned management system
Adapts the learning environment to accommodate the differing needs and diversity of students
You must create a rubric to assess students achievement for your lesson- please attach to your lesson plan

Q2 How do innovations get here?

Please select one of the following questions and prepare a 2000 word essay (-/+10%). You should make use of photographs to illustrate the focus of your assignment (maximum of 3 images).
Learning Outcomes Assessed:
1. demonstrate an understanding of the complex nature of innovation;
2. explain the concept of organisational innovation in terms of realist, constructivist and relativist theories of knowledge production;
3. evaluate approaches to innovation as product and process.
Essay Questions:
Q1 Where do innovations come from?
-Drawing from concepts associated with the Social Construction of Technology you should discuss the effect of social groups during a period of interpretive flexibility for at least one innovation.
Q2 How do innovations get here?
-Drawing from concepts associated with Technological Determinism you should
discuss the elements of diffusion following the adoption of at least one innovation.
To answer the question you should consider one innovation discussed during seminars (see below):
-Innovations discussed in seminars. Solar Panels; Contactless Payment; Self-scanning Technology; Energy Saving Light Bulbs; Genetically Modified Organisms; 3D Printing.
Further Guidance :
-Photographs: Use photographs to guide your reader. You may wish to discuss different aspects of your chosen innovation, alternatively you may wish to consider a closely related innovation.
note: answer only one question and I prefer it to be the second question, and the innovation to pick is the Contactless Payment, maximum of 3 images.
I will also upload hints and tips from the module tutor.