Saddam Husein’s death penalty,

Write about his execution, trial, his cruelty on Iraqi people and how bad he influenced the world. As a result he was executed.

– Please, one source must be this:

During the semester we have covered or will cover a broad range of topics with significant practical implications (e.g. the issues of free will, egoism, the justification of the state, freedom of speech, sexual morality, issues of punishment and the death penalty). Reading or discussing some of the texts you might have felt that the text was instrumental to understand some historical, political event or legal case. Or some of the texts might have evoked your curiosity. Choose such a case and analyze it from a philosophical viewpoint. Or, you can use your case to demonstrate the shortcomings of a philosophical theory. You MUST use some of the philosophical texts you have read during the semester! Use your case either to verify or criticize this philosophical viewpoint.

Formal requirements:
?IMPORTANT: What I am really looking forward to in these essays is the use of what you learned in this class. Use one of the theories we discussed for your analysis. Be specific! Find the important details of the case/literary work you are discussing and connect them to specific elements of the philosophical theory/framework you are using!
?Your essay should be about 4-5 double spaced pages, typed with 12 point characters, having 1? margin all about (these are just general guidelines)
?There is no penalty for length per se, but papers exceeding 7 double-spaced pages of text (about 2100 words) will be penalized, if they could have been shortened by careful editing. (Footnotes may appear on a separate page.)
?Give a title to your essay on its first page. Make clear in the heading of your paper the topic you selected.
?I do expect you to consult some SECONDARY SOURCES on your selected case study or the literary work you chose but you should also concentrate on the texts you read for the classes!
?CITE FULLY AND ACCURATELY. Make sure you accurately state the position of any author you discuss. Any time you quote an author or attribute a proposition to an author, the quotation or attribution must be supported by a citation to the text, with page numbers. YOU MAY NOT
?CITE ME AS AN AUTHORITY ON WHAT AN AUTHOR SAYS (only exception: if you explicitly disagree with what I said in class). YOU MUST CITE THE AUTHOR HIMSELF.
Where the reference is to a text in the assigned readings, it is sufficient to provide page references in parentheses immediately after the quotation or attribution. In all other cases, provide a full bibliographic reference in a footnote or endnote. The page limit on the paper applies to the text of the paper only. Footnotes are free.
?TO SHOW THAT YOU UNDERSTAND AN AUTHOR’S POSITION, IT IS NOT SUFFICIENT TO SIMPLY PARROT THE AUTHOR. Where you quote the author, make sure you explain in your own words the significance of the quoted material. It is often helpful to use your own examples to clarify the views of the author you are discussing.
?CAREFULLY DISTINGUISH VIEWS THAT YOU CLAIM AN AUTHOR HOLDS FROM VIEWS THAT YOU CLAIM THE AUTHOR SHOULD HOLD OR IS COMMITTED TO HOLDING. Claims that an author holds a particular view must be supported with cites to the text. But claims that an author should hold or is committed to holding a particular view must be supported with relevant arguments, in addition to cites to the text.
?CRITICAL EVALUATION. In your paper, you must critically evaluate the positions taken by authors you discuss?that is, you must take your own stand on which side is, on balance, the most reasonable position to take, and explain why you think so.

Evaluating your essay I will consider the followings:
– Your selection of topic, participation at the scheduled conference
– A clear presentation of your position (?central thesis?).
– The arguments you present to support your position/thesis.
– Documentation of your research, your sources and having a proper bibliography
– The insight, originality and the substantiality of your essay (or the lack of them)
– The structure of your essay.
– Style and grammar.




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