Premier foods TLC

premier foods TLC

the aim of the investigation is to determine whether the share’s price is, in your opinion, under or over valued and therefore, whether it is a share to buy, to hold, or to sell. This advice needs to be offered to investors who’re looking at a medium to long term view (one year and over). The opinion should reflect your views at the time of publication (assignment hand-in date).

-follow the exact case study guide which will be uploaded.

-consider the required secondary sources (e.g quality news papers, periodic journals, statictical data).

– recommended text book: 1- Atrill & McLaney
2- corporate financial analysis

– annual report 2011 premier foods TLC p. 140
– case study guide p.3
– specimen paper, section A ONLY

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The case study guide and section A in the specimen paper are for past year exam (don’t me confused). Just to let you know that the questions will be similar to this year exam.
WARNING : Read the whole content.