Change Leadership: Intergroup Conflict reduction

Topic: Change Leadership: Intergroup Conflict reduction
Actually the subject area is social psychology; more specifically, change leadership. I have some data I have already collected that may help you. The thesis paper must be original work and original writing and not copied from any other author. the problem statement is: If the Information Services rebuilds trust, reestablishes professional working relationships, and aligns itself around mutually supportive goals with the Human Resource Department, will the Information Services experience a significant reduction in intergroup conflict? I will be conducting a survey to baseline the intergroup conflict between the Information Services and the Human Resources Department the survey baseline results will indicate high conflict levels. Next I will conduct an organization development intervention with the two groups to build understanding, trust, and reduce the conflict levels. Third, I will conduct a 2nd survey to measure the conflict levels between the two groups with the results from the 2nd survey indicating a lower (reduced) conflict levels between the two groups. I am working on the surveys right now but they need to be reviewed by my professors before I can send the surveys out. The thesis paper needs to be in a Microsoft Word document format (version 2008 or higher), APA Format, need references and a bibliography with highly cited authors in the field of social psychology and change leadership, here are a few big names in the field: (Kurt Lewin,W. Warner Burke, Edgar Schein, Robert R Blake, Anne Adams McCanse, Larry Hirschhorn, Richard Beckhard, Richard E. Walton, and Dean Tjosvold), these authors and other authors would be great especially recent authors (over the last 5/10 years) quote from authors need to be weaved into the thesis paper to support my original problem statement that I have included in this brief; high conflicts levels initially, then the organizational intervention (builds understanding and trust which will lower the conflict levels between the two groups) and finally, a 2nd survey to measure the lower conflict level to answer and validate my problem statement (included in this brief).