Women in Leadership in Male dominated careers

Select two articles in academic research journals related to the field of leadership and/or the topic you are working on this semester. For the purposes of this assignment make sure that the articles contain a substantial literature review.

Read the article and then provide the following information, where possible, in your summary of the literature review:

1. Provide information about the articles by journals, authors, dates, page numbers, etc.

2. What was the purpose of the research-why did the authors undertake the projects?

3. Are there clear statements of the basic research questions or problems? Try to state what they are in a sentence for each.

4. Was there a research question or hypothesis?

5. Do the literature reviews relate to the research questions?

6. Did the authors evaluate, organize, and/or synthesize in the literature review? How would you evaluate the efforts?

7. Did the authors use any of the following techniques that Leedy and Ormrod suggest that those doing literature reviews should use? Indicate what they did and how successfully you felt the authors used any of them:

a. Comparing and contrasting theoretical perspectives

b. Showing how approaches to the topic changed over time

c. Describing general trends in the research findings

d. Identifying discrepant or contradictory findings, and suggesting possible explanations

e. Identifying general themes that run through the literature

8. How did the literature review in the articled you critiqued help you understand how to do your own literature review?





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