Systems Thinking for Business Performance: Assignment 1

Topic: Systems Thinking for Business Performance: Assignment 1
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Contemporary organizations face increasingly complex problems. A major reason for this
increased complexity is that the world has become much more interconnected as money, people,
interconnected world requires one to take a systemic view – to see the world as a structured
collection of interacting components and forces. Without such holistic thinking, our mental
models of the world around us will remain deficient and any business decisions based on them
will likely not be effective. In this course, you will learn a set of conceptual tools that will
you will develop a foundation for better decision making which will, in turn, lead to improved
business performance. The systems thinking approach forces one to examine underlying causal
structures that generate observed patterns of behavior. Since any management decision
constitutes an intervention in an organizational system, the systems thinking approach is
particularly well suited for making strategic decisions which, by their very nature, cover multiple
entities and span long periods of time.

For this assignment, Assignment 1 in the attachment, please review the instructions thoroughly. I have attached corresponding slides that have covered the first 2 weeks of class in case you could use them to incorporate into the assignment. You don’t have to, this is only an option. I will give you access to VENSIM to draw the diagram once I know whom I’m working with. I’m only ordering 2 pages singled space. Everything including the diagram can fit on this. Please follow of the instructions to the key. Instructions in assignment 1 are very specific in nature. Please pay attention to these details. For this assignment I cannot give extend the dead line. It needs to be completed by Saturday. For all other assignments I will order 10 days out. Thank you!