Services Management

Details of the task Address the following question:
Critically evaluate how the gaps model of service quality can be
used as a tool to diagnose and recover services failures experiences
thereby sustaining customer relationships. Illustrate your answers
with examples from commercial and/or social business contexts
As a guide you should:
 Discuss the academic literature on the gaps model of service
quality ( 40 marks)
 Discuss how each gap in the gaps model of service quality can
be used a tool to diagnose specific service failures and recovery
situations. This will involve you discussing each gap and giving
an example as how it relates to a specific service failure and
recovery situation from commercial and /or social business
contexts. (40 marks)
 Discuss how by deploying the gap model of service quality this
may help to sustain customer relationships (20 marks)
Your work should be in a creative, critical and evaluative manner.
Ensure that your arguments are clear and logical and where
appropriate include academic sources, i.e. academic journal papers,
which add weight to your points raised. Please show in your list of
references an appropriate breadth and depth of references relevant
to the topic.
Your work must be correctly referenced throughout in the
Harvard format.
Your assignment should be word processed and produced in an
appropriate academic style. The font should be 12, and be double