Week 2 Summary

Overall: Your objective is to determine the level of quality of service in an organization you choose. You will need to have access to the customers in order to apply a structured survey. Some students use an organization where they work. Other students choose organizations where they have access to the customers. Retail stores in malls and fast food operations are typical choices.
Here is an outline of the process you need to follow:
Part 1 (50 points): Part 1, which is due at the end of Week 2, involves developing a 10 question customer satisfaction survey.
a. Identify the company and the industry you are surveying. Describe the nature of their business.
b. Describe specifically what you hope to learn about the services that your selected company is providing.
c. Develop a ten-question customer satisfaction survey. Submit each of the ten questions, with a brief explanation of why you ask each of the questions. The format should be, 1. State the question; 2. State your rationale for asking the question. You may find it very helpful to use one of the survey tools available. Two of them are http://www.questionpro.comand www.surveymonkey.com.
d. You need at least five respondents. That means you should ask 10 or more to complete the survey. It is typical to get turndowns when you ask, or a lack of response from someone who may have shown an interest. Please note that you may have as many respondents as you want. In fact, more rather than less respondents will tend to add validity to the survey results.
e. Prepare a draft of the Part 1 materials in APA format. Thoroughly address a through d.

Part 2 (50 points): Part 2, which is due at the end of Week 4, is a 500 word report (APA with a cover and reference page), which lists the results of survey.
a. Prepare a 500 word APA paper addressing the results of your survey.
b. You need at a least two charts/graphs in the Part 2 document that helps describe the results of the survey. Include the appropriate narrative documentation. The Part 2 document will integrate a flow of narrative and graphic information that clearly describes the results.
c. The complete detailed survey will be included as an attachment in the Part 2 document.
d. You will need at least 5 scholarly references in your Final Paper. I want to see at least 3 of the scholarly references in the Part 2 document.