Is aspartame really safe?

Topic: Is aspartame really safe?
Please use information from both first and second orders and generate a power point presentation.
Should has minimum of 17 slides (you can extend it if you like).
1st slide about what are you going to talk about (outline).
2nd slide about aspartame in general, what is it, uses..etc please use representative photos
3rd slide about controversy about aspartame (safe or not safe). use representative photos
4th – 5th slide about studies (2 studies are enough) who said it is safe and why (basis for their conclusion).Here include capture (small photo of the first page) of the 2 articles.
6th slide about studies who said it is not safe (you 2 studies from first and second order). Here include capture (small photo of the first page) of the 2 articles.
7th slide give summary about the 2 studies from the first and second order.
8th to 14th slides all talk about your critique of the 2 studies (from first and second order but mainly the first study).please not to forget to include the positive things in the 2 studies. Here include any tables, graphs. data, or capture from the 2 studies to support your critique.
15th your position (agree or disagree and why)
Please use as much as you like of the representative photos. And please not to forget to include as many as possible of tables,figures,graphs, data ..etc from the 2 articles that you critique with critiquing slides.
Finally: please send me the speech of the presentation on separate pages (with enumerating each paragraph to its related slide).