curriculum design project

Topic: curriculum design project
Curriculum Design Project
Type: Assignment – Planning Document
Learning Outcomes Assessed: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Weight: 60%
Task Description:
Design a 10-week language learning program for a group of learners.
Word limit: 2500
Stage 1
Design a 10-week ESL/EFL teaching program suitable for a future class that you wish to teach. Present the program in a tabular framework. At minimum you should include the following in your framework:
 Topics
 Language focus (structure, function, lexical, phonological etc.)
 Skills focus
 Goals
 Outcomes
 Resources
 Tasks/activities
 Assessing learning
Stage 2
Write a rationale for the above program using the principles of curriculum design you have learned. Provide in-text references to your rationale / justification and present a complete list of references at the end of your assignment.
Include the following in your rationale:
1. Class profile:
 Teaching context, e.g. school, university, private institute
 Students’ age, language and social background
 Level of proficiency
 Type of class, e.g. general, academic, school subject
 Student general motivation/interest in English
 Length of lessons and number of hours taught per week.
2. Needs analysis:
 Learners’ entry and exit levels.
 Scope
 Sequence
3. Situation analysis
 Contextual factors
 Learner factors
 Teacher factors
 Cultural considerations
Theories underlying your design of this program for this group of learners.

Performance indicators will be provided for these criteria on Learning@Griffith
1. Overview of your curriculum
2. Understanding of curriculum design principles.
3. Knowledge of relevant theories
4. Explanation and justification of your curriculum design
5. Formal academic conventions for presentation, written experssion and referencing using APA style
You have to design a 10 week english teaching program for the group of 25 punjabi community people residing in Australia who are intermediate in level of learning. Basically you have to design a one lesson plan for a week. That means in total you have to design 10 lesson plan to teach these Punjabi students. You have to just cover grammar only. It means you have to design 10 grammar lesson plan. One lesson plan for each week for the class of 25 students and the time should be 2 hrs with a lunch break. But you can also set time according to your lesson plan. You can use direct method of teaching that is English to English as their level is intermediate. You can use a grammar book as a resource, as you have to mention the resource to justify your teaching program. I am also sending you the sample of curriculum design program. They are 5 in total and you can use any one of the sample according to your choice. But you have to mainly focus on the following points while framing this curriculum design project given below
1) Aim
2) Objectives
3) Methodology( what methods you are going to use, example play cards, translation etc)
4) Evaluation ( how you are going to conduct evaluation, example fill ups, true or false etc
While framing the lesson plan you have to be very careful about
1) What kind of teaching methods you are going to use
2) You have to make appropriate questions to keep the learners engaged
3) You have to keep on modifying your teaching methodology
4) Contextual matters weigh a lot.
After designing the 10 lesson plan you have write an essay to justify your lesson plans or curriculum design project. You have to focus on the competence and performance of the students. You have to discuss age issues and socio cultural issue. The essay would be divided in following section given below
1) Introduction
2) Class Profile
3) Need Analysis
4) Situational analysis
5) Theories underpinning the curriculum design
6) Conclusion
The assignment should have a general goal. The topic sentence of the essay should be very clear. All the relevant theories can be discussed together with the previous discussion but you can also have a separate section for it but you have to relate it to the previous discussion. I am also attaching the relevant articles which you can use. For referencing you have to use APA style and it has to be really a correct referencing.