International business project

8) Individual Project (or optionally with One partner)
a) The grade on the individual project will be assigned by YOU. You will provide me with a 3
point range that you believe reflects your performance on the paper. If you give yourself 17-19
points (the maximum), and your paper is not of high quality, then I reserve the right to veto your
grade and select a grade that reflects your paper’s contribution relative to the rest of the classes’.
Please see the quality guidelines in the appendix. Maximum of 15 double spaced, 12 inch, times
new roman, 1” margins. Diagrams and charts are part of the page count. Note: Anything less
than 13 pages will not be sufficient for 17 points. Late papers will not be accepted.
b) Topic(should include the following)
i) Select a country that you would either like to work with or in. Ideally this is tied to your
language study (e.g., Mexico for Spanish speakers)
ii) Select an industry that you are interested in working (e.g., Food service).
iii) Select a firm in that industry here in MISSOURI (or the state that you come from if you’d
prefer) that is currently or could possibly do business in that country (e.g., Urban Chestnut).
Alternatively, if you have a job waiting for you, you may select that company.
c) Writing the paper. The paper should contain 4 elements:
i) A history of the company and its competitive advantage here in the domestic market.
(1) You might also put relevant sales, profits, trends, countries in which they’re doing
business in here. Anything relevant about the company that a potential investor might
want to know when evaluating your project.
ii) An overview of your selected country and industry.
(1) You could give the relevant numbers for the country here as well as cultural differences
and the implications of those differences on doing business in that country. Also, any
concerns about doing business in this country (e.g., security, fraud, government red tape)
iii) Can your company compete in your country? Can it transfer its competitive advantage to
your country? Challenges of your company in that market.
(1) This is the most critical part of the paper. Be honest with yourself here. Can your
company really pull this venture off? If not, what can you do to reduce the risk (e.g., joint
venture instead of acquisition). If it was your company, what would you do?
iv) Proposed action steps in order to move forward.
(1) What would you do next? Get into the details here. Do you do more research? Do you
send someone down with the Governor during a trade mission? Do you find a partner?
What about a timeline? Is this year ideal given the state of the company and country?