Recruitment Processes

report proposing and justifying a recruitment and selection process for a specific job in a chosen workplace approved by the lecturer (Executive Assistant – Position Description attached).

Please note the job description, and references of texts cited in the body
of the report, are not included in the word count; the word limit does, however,
include in-text citations; and,

For this assignment, you are expected to draw on what you have learned in the
lectures/workshops/reading, and your own research of the subject company’s
policies and practices, to present a structured and reasoned argument in support
of your proposed recruitment and selection process. (Attachments to assist in structure)

Against the background of the subject organisation’s business, HR and staffing
strategies, analysis should include discussion of the methods of attracting
applicants for the position from relevant job markets, choices of assessment
tools and techniques for the position, and an overall process for deciding on
preferred candidate(s) for the position.