Planning for Professional Development

Personal Development Portfolio

Part A
You will conduct a brief examination of an employment sector to identify a range of career opportunities within a chosen field of graduate employment. As part of this examination you will identify the skills and attributes required by employers, of their graduate recruits in at least TWO (2) roles in different organisations. (750 words)
Part B
You will assess your own graduate attributes and transferrable skills at the time of undertaking the module via a skills audit (to be included as an appendix). You will then produce a feasible action plan to be included as an Appendix and propose personal development objectives to enhance your employability towards gaining employment in one of the organisations highlighted in Part A (250 words).

To complete the portfolio you are required to provide the following evidence as an appendix to Part A and B:
1. Information relating to the selected job roles (task A), this could be the Job Description, Person Specification and/or job advertisement
2. Your Skills Audit
3. Your Action Plan
Additional content, could include:
Formative Feedback sheet from week 6
Evidence of personal tutorials with your Year Manager