Topic: Humanities
Mid-Term Exam
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West Los Angeles College – Humanities 60 Section 1260
People and Their World: Technology and the Humanities – Fall 2014
Writing Assignment – Mid-Term Exam
• Answer all three questions.
• Start a new page for each response, which must be a minimum of two pages long.
• Create a title for each question.
1. Mesopotamia was home to some of the oldest major ancient civilizations, and housed some of the world’s most ancient states, with highly developed social complexity. In your own words, discuss a variety of the many technologies the Mesopotamian people developed.
2. Many of the scientific and technological contributions made by the ancient Egyptians are still in use today. While they have been perfected and improved, the basic idea behind their use remains the same as it was over 3,000 years ago. Think about the newest inventions of today, and discuss what, if any of these, will still be in use 3,000 years from now. Be sure to discuss why some contributions have a longer lifespan and are more useful than others.
3. In your estimation, which country presently exemplifies the best examples of advanced technology within their culture – and why? Alternatively, which country/nation of the past – that we have studied – exemplified the best examples of technology – and why? Finally, from the beginning of recorded history, which country, from a Humanities standpoint personifies the highest cultural legacy – and why?
Your paper must be at least 22 lines long per page to meet the standard minimum requirement. A WORKS CITED PAGE MUST INCLUDE A REFERENCE FOR EACH RESPONSE FROM THE ANCIENT INVENTIONS TEXTBOOK, OR YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE CREDIT.

37)Religion and Happiness-Wellbeing among American Muslims
I have Internship research proposal on Religion and Happiness-wellbeing among American Muslims. The teacher has some comments to revision my paper, so that’s what I want you to do it. I will upload to you my paper which has the teacher comments so read my paper carefully and please follow the teacher comments.
NOTE: my internship on Islamic school & day care center it serves children from toddler through 8th grade, and if you have any question please let me know. Thanks.