Enterprise of small foreign trade problems and countermeasures

There are two parts to stage two of the assignment:
(a) Identify and produce a summary of the relevant academic theories and concepts that are useful to understanding your dispute or issue in more detail. These may be theories or concepts relating to international trade, international investment, international business strategy, international political economy, and so on. They may be taken from the academic literature on microeconomics, macroeconomics, political science or international business. There is no word limit in producing this summary, but a recommendation is made below. You should focus on making a clear summary of the theories/concepts and produce a statement describing how and in what way they are relevant to your chosen problem/issue.

(b) Review the impact of international political institutions, treaties or organizations on the problem or issue you have chosen, e.g. the WTO, IMF, World Bank, Regional Trade Agreement etc. Summarize the role they have to play here, the extent of their power or influence, the source of their power and influence, and any material impact they have had on the problem/issue so far.



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