Business Information system assignment

In the first assignment you created a SwimLane diagram to show the As-Is business processes for Zucchero Pty. Ltd
and an Excel spreadsheet with graphs to show their statistics for 2014. Your role was to gather information, analyse
the information and portray this information in a business report for the General Manager (Ms Franka Spencer) to help
her understand the company’s current processes and recent statistics.
In this assignment (assignment two), you will take on a more strategic role for Zucchero. You are expected to
demonstrate skills in analysing and forecasting growth or decline in an Excel spreadsheet created by you for this
purpose. You will also be expected to demonstrate research and written skills in responding to specific queries raised
by the General Manager and finally, you will be asked to make recommendations combining an analysis of your
spreadsheet and your research.
NOTE: you do not need to have successfully completed assignment one in order to undertake assignment two.
Like all units you study, incomplete assessments often result in a steeper learning curve for later assessments.
Therefore any requests for a solution to assignment one is not necessary and will not be granted.
ZUCCHERO PTY LTD – Fictitious case study scenario
Recap: Zucchero Pty. Ltd. was founded in 1959 in Grafton, New South Wales by Luigi Dolce, a former Cane Sugar
farmer. He moved away from farming when he started a mill and refinery to process the sugar from local cane sugar
farmers. His business flourished over the years and has grown into a multi-million dollar company with a strong
penetration in the Australian market, and a developing export business. Not only does Zucchero produce a large range
of sugar products such as raw sugar, white sugar, brown sugar, icing sugar etc, but also golden syrup and treacle.
The operational information required to run the company, such as sales trends, distributor information, promotional
information and so on, are not always documented well with some key information known only to a few senior
employees. Although the company has a website it only includes basic information such as contact details and product
types so it is unclear whether this website generates any new business. In fact, Zucchero uses very little marketing and
the new General Manager, Franka Spencer, believes more can be done in this area.
In order to maintain a competitive edge and see Zucchero flourish, Franka needs to make strategic decisions based on
future projections. She has asked you to provide the following information in the form of a business report (with
academic references):
– responses to queries which investigates contemporary issues in technology and business (refer Task B)
– three (3) forecast graphs created in Microsoft Excel (one must be a Pivot chart/graph) that show future
projections and growth/loss for 2015 and 2016 (refer Task A)