Business Administration Program

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page or

Look at 3 primary criteria:

1- Relevance of the research question from both a managerial and an
academic perspective
a. Managerial: will your research bring added-value to improve managerial
b. Academic: will your research bring new knowledge to your field? Is the
research methodology rigorous?
2- Research feasibility
a.      Is your research feasible in a period of 4 years?
b.      Is data easily accessible?
c.      Will it be easy to collect primary data?
3-      Proposal quality
a.      Writing style
b.      Argumentation
c.      Structure and organization

When writing this proposal, take care to answer the following questions:
How Interesting and important is my research? Is my research feasible? Can
I produce an excellent dissertation and subsequent academic papers?

Formatting requirements
The writer is kindly request to follow strictly the guidelines below when
submitting the proposal: use only this document to submit your research
proposal which must comply with the following formatting requirements:
-Font: 12 point, Times New Roman
-Title 1: 14 Times New Roman Bold
-Title 2: 12 Times New Roman Bold
-Title 3: 12 Times New Roman underlined
-Text [Including references]: Double-spaced, justified

Anti-Plagiarism policy
The University has a very strict policy with regards to plagiarism and has
therefore put very rigorous procedures and measures of control into place.
The work will be screened for plagiarism through specific ant plagiarism
software (e.g. Turnitin).
Therefore, the outcome must me Original and creative work and I do not want
to be turned down because of academic dishonesty

Also, in the template there are other very important guidelines that must
be followed. Kindly go other them prior to start.
After this been said and after you review the material ( template ) I have
uploaded earlier, please advise the following :

1.      How many pages would it require?
2.      How many sources does a Doctorate proposal require?




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