Where am I Wearing Journal Entry #1


Work individually to complete this assignment. You will be posting journal entries, one per book section, about your reaction to Where am I Wearing? The purposes of this journal are: to stimulate thought about the course material (even when you are not in class), to point out the relevance of the course concepts to everyday life, and to provide a starting point for class discussions about the material.

For entry, you should write a minimum of two paragraphs. The first paragraph should provide a brief overview of the chapters in that section (e.g., what happened in the chapter, what countries/factories he visited, which people he interacted with, etc.). The second paragraph should provide your reaction to the chapter. Exactly what you write in the second paragraph is up to you. Some things that you might consider writing about include, but are not limited to: how the material covered in the chapter relates to the material covered in the class, how the material covered in the chapter changed or strengthened your ideas or opinions about global apparel sourcing, how the material covered in the chapter relates to an experience you have personally had, how the material covered in the chapter will influence your future decisions as an apparel professional, or any questions that you have about the chapter or the course materials.

You will be using Moodle to upload your assignments.

Your journal entries are due BEFORE the chapters are discussed in class. There are five (5) dates for your submitting journal. These dates are posted in the calendar in the syllabus. So, make sure you keep up with your reading and journal postings as the course moves along.

Your journal entries will be graded on content only. Grammar and spelling will not be assessed. However, it is easier for the instructor and the TA(s) to understand your content if your grammar and spelling do not distract the readers.
Grading (20 points):

_____ First paragraph summary (8 points)
concise, accurate

_____ Second paragraph reactions (12 points)
displays a thoughtful response to chapter information, makes connections to course content or life experiences

_____/20 points