Science Field Observation Journal



***Use a basic PE Kindergarten lesson plan for the physical education component. Review the three standards for physical education:
 Personal Health and Fitness
 A Safe and Healthy Environment
 Resource Management
***25 Kindergarten students in a class, one teacher.

This is a reflective journal describing your experience in a science classroom and physical education classroom. Below are guides for your observation journal entries. The journal does not have to be an extensive document, but it will be useful to type your thoughts/observations, approximately two-four paragraphs per prompt.
Week 1– Observation Focus: Context: What is the context of the school: student body make-up, grades, general classroom demographics, the school environment, classroom setting, school morale, physical environment, social environment of the school and classroom you are observing, etc.? What is the science curriculum in the classroom?

Week 2– Observation Focus: Student Diversity: Who is a student least/most like me? How do I teach science for this student, and other students of linguistic, cultural, academic, and social diversity? How different are the students I am observing and will teach? How can you assess what students know and understand in science? What kinds of assessment practices are being used in their science classroom?
Week 3– Observation Focus: Science Instruction: Is science being taught? How is science being taught? How are students learning and understanding science? What teaching strategies is the teacher using? Do students really understand science? What are students learning in other areas that can be used for making science more relevant and easier to understand? Where could you see science integrated into the regular classroom curriculum?
Physical Education Instruction: How do these children understand physical education and health? Do they talk about any objectives included in the state standards?
Analyze your observation and your interviews in relation to the 3 health and physical education standards. Where does the school seem to meet or exceed the standards? Where does it seem to fall short of meeting the standards?

Week 4– Observation Focus: Science Communication: How well do students talk about science in the classroom? How well do students make connections between personal talk and language and the language of science? Record some specific examples of what students say in the science classroom where they are communicating their science understanding. How can you help students talk about science in ways that build their understanding of science?
Week 5– Reflection: Re-read your four journal entries. What did you learn about elementary science from observing and working in this classroom? What did you learn from the classroom teacher and the science teacher? What factors seem to be important in teaching and learning science?