Articles Review

Select and critically analyze two scholarly articles on working with military veterans and/or service members that are on the same topic. For example, two articles on military sexual assault. Submit a four- to six-page, double-spaced paper (not including the title or reference page) of your analysis. (Do NOT select an article on military families.) Integrate the articles by highlighting points of similarity and difference. The articles should be from scholarly sources such as peer-reviewed journals. They should not be articles from newspapers or popular magazines or media outlets. Only one article can be from the recommended or required readings in the syllabus. The assignment should be double-spaced with 12-point font, Times New Roman.
Be sure to address the following questions in your review:
1. Summarize the articles: Explain the two to three key points the author(s) share about working with service members or veterans.
2. Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the articles in terms of its scholarship.
3. Explain the importance of the article to clinical practice with service members and veterans: In a few sentences, explain why you think the articles are or are not useful to the field of clinical practice with service members and veterans.
4. Discuss how the articles fit into a bigger context (or not) of clinical practice with service members and veterans.
5. Discuss how the articles can be applied to race, gender, or sexual orientation issues in the context of clinical practice with service members
6. Discuss the most interesting aspect of the articles. What aspect of the articles did you personally find the most interesting or useful in your work with service members or veterans?