Topic: Swimming: Need Analysis and Periodisation

SECTION 1: Needs analysis
You are to conduct a detailed needs analysis by completing the following: (1) evaluation of the sport and (2) assessment of the athlete. Consult the relevant literature and / or other high quality sources and report your findings in paragraph form.
SECTION 2: Presentation, analysis and interpretation of testing results
Present performance testing data that are relevant and meaningful in relation to the previously conducted needs analysis (Section 1). The results then need to be analysed in comparison to the appropriate National standards in order to (1) clearly articulate how your athlete(s) compare(s) to these standards and (2) identify areas needing improvement.
SECTION 3: Annual periodised training plan
Using the template provided, you are to construct an annual periodized training plan. The outcomes from Sections 1 and 2 will lead to the identification and justification of the training goals for your annual periodised plan, the prioritisation of these goals over the season and the timing and choice of tests for re-assessment in order to evaluate the achievement of these goals.
SECTION 4: One pre-season microcycle and one in-season microcycle
Using the templates provided, you are to prescribe the specific session details (i.e. the acute training variables) of one pre-season microcycle (7 days) and one in-season microcycle (7 days) with sufficient detail to allow the athlete(s) to complete the session without further explanation (assume athletes are experienced and familiar with exercise techniques). You should note exactly which week of the mesocycle each microcycle is aligned with.