History of the Fur Trade – Eric Wolf’s book ‘Europe and the people without history’

History of the Fur Trade

Order Instructions:
I want an essay/summary based on chapter 6 ‘The Fur Trade’ of Eric Wolf’s book ‘Europe and the

people without history’. Of course I don’t want any copy paste of the sentences used in the

original text, but it has to be of a similar degree (not too easy but also definitely not too

difficult) and all important aspects of the text should be included in the essay/summary. Some

extra sources can be used as help, but the essay/summary has to be fully based on that

chapter! The following aspects MUST be included in the essay/summary: > Approximately WHEN was

the area you have read about INCORPORATED into the world economy and HOW DO YOU KNOW? In other

words what features of the area changed during incorporation? > What international divisions

of labour and production process – collections of raw materials, shipping, marketing and

profit (integrated production process) – resulted from incorporation? > Who profited most from

the incorporation of the area you have read about and how, who least, and who profited by

degrees in the middle? > Where were these people located geographically and economically?

Remember, some who profited or lost out may have been states

PS The essay/summary has to be in past tense, just like the original text.